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Dr. KiranKumar Chauhan  (Biochemistry)

Name : Dr. KiranKumar Chauhan
Mobile Number : 9904783208
Email ID :
Blood Group
Designation : Professor & Head
Department : Biochemistry
Qualification : M.D. (BIOCHEMISTRY),DCP(Diploma in Clinical Pathology),MBBS
UG : BarodaMedical College G – 28197 (Gujarat Medical Council)
PG : Pramukh Swami Medical College G – 18199 (Gujarat Medical Council)
Joining Date : 21/12/2013
Total Teaching Expereince 13 years
Extra Details 1 :



Lifetime member of “Association of Medical Biochemists of India”.

CommitteeMember of Biochemistry Expert at Gujarat Service Corporation Limited (GMSCL-Govt. of Gujarat)

CommitteeMember of College Medical Educational Unit (MEU)

CollegeCo-Ordinator of Mukhyamantri Yuva Swavalamban Yojana (MYSY)

TechnicalAssessor - National Accreditation Board for Testing and CalibrationLaboratories (NABL)

Extra Details 2 :
Publication Details :



1.     Chauhan KP, Patel JD, Prajapati S, Trivedi A. Study of Specimenstability for biochemistry parameters. Int J of Clin Biochem and Res.2018;5(1):158 – 163 doi: 10.18231/2394-6377.2018.0032


2.     Chauhan KP, Patel JD, Trivedi A. Six Sigma in ClinicalBiochemistry: it natters, measure it.  IntJ of Clin Biochem and Res. 2017;4(3):270 – 274 doi:10.18231/2394-6377.2017.0064


3.     Chauhan KP, Kanani D, Patel P, Haridas N. Serum Creatinine:conventional and compensated kinetic method with enzymatic method.  Int J of Clin Biochem and Res.2017;4(2):206 – 209 doi: 10.18231/2394-6377.2017.0048


4.     Patel JD, ChauhanKP, Chakrabarti C, Sanghani H. Homocysteine level in coronary arterydisease patients in Ahmedabad population. Int J Med Sci Public Health.2017;4(03):558-562 doi:10.5455/ijmsph.2017.0956213102016


5.     Patel V, KananiD, Chauhan KP, Haridas N, Makadia M, Patel V. Assessment of oxidativestress in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus by measurment of plasma lipid. Int J AdvRes. 2015:3(5):1078-1084  


6.     Gami BN, PatelDS, Haridas N, Chauhan KP, Shah H, Trivedi A. Utility of Heart-typeFatty Acid Binding Protein as a New Biochemical Marker for the Early Diagnosisof Acute Coronary Syndrome. J Clin Diagn Res. 2015;9(1): BC22-BC24.doi:10.7860/JCDR/2015/11006.5451


7.     Vachhani UN,Desai JP, Shah T, Chauhan KP. Utility of Serum Ischemia Modified Albuminin The Early Diagnosis of Acute Coronary Syndrome Int J Med Public Health.2015; 4(11): 340-343 doi:10.4103/2230-8598.165090


8.     Desai JP,Vachhani UN, Modi G, Chauhan KP. A study of correlation of serum lipidprofile in patients with hypothyroidism Int J Med Sci Public Health.2015; 4(8): 1108 -1112doi:10.5455/ijmsph.2015.18032015234


9.     Chauhan KP, Trivedi AP, Patel D, Gami B, Haridas N. Monitoringand root cause analysis of clinical biochemistry turnaround time at an academichospital. Indian J Clin Biochem. 2014;29(4):505-509.doi:10.1007/s12291-013-0397-x


10. Marwah SA, ShahH, Chauhan K, Trivedi A, Haridas N. Comparison of Mass Versus Activityof Creatine Kinase MB and Its Utility in the Early Diagnosis of Re-infarction. IndianJ Clin Biochem. 2014;29(2):161-166. doi:10.1007/s12291-013-0329-9


11. Trivedi AP, ChauhanKP, Haridas N. Diagnostic utility of serum Adenosine Deaminase and liverfunction tests in Tuberculosis and HIV patients. Indian J of Appl Res.2013; 3 (10): 01 – 03. doi:10.36106/IJAR  


12. Gami BN, Patel D,Chauhan KP, Shah H, Haridas N. Sigma Metrics as a Quality marker forAnalysing Electrolytes in Laboratory. Int J Adv Res.2013:1(7):197-201


13. Chauhan KP, Haridas N, Patel C. A study of serum magnesiumlevels in diabetic retinopathy patients. Indian J of Appl Res.2013;3(5): 482 – 484. doi:10.36106/IJAR    

Conference Workshop Details :



1.     Participated inCME “1st Curriculum ImplementationSupport Program” held on 4th to 6th July 2019 at MCINodal Centre for faculty development at Smt. NHL Municipal Medical College,Ahmedabad.


2.     Participated inworkshop on “NQAS Assessor Course – Public Health Facilities” held on 5thto 9th May 2018.


3.     Participated inLaboratory Assessors Corse as per ISO 15189:2012 held on 16th to 20thApril 2018, organized by National Accreditation Board for Testing andCalibration Laboratories, Gurgaon at Silver Cloud Hotel, Ahmedabad.


4.     Participated inworkshop on “Laboratory Instruments Calibration and their Quality control” heldon 6th to 7th April 2018 at Electronics and Qualitydevelopment center Gandhinagar.


5.     Participated inworkshop on “Quality Management – National standard certificate Corse of 3days” held on 23th to 25th March 2018, organized at GandhinagarSupported by Academy of Hospital Administration Noida, UP.


6.     Participated inRevised Basic Corse workshop in Medical Education Technology held on 5thto 7th March 2018 at MCI Nodal Centre for faculty development atSmt. NHL Municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad.


7.     Participated inworkshop on “Laboratory Quality management system and internal audit as per ISO15189:2012 held on 5th to 8th June 2017 organized byInstitute of Applied Quality Management at Gandhinagar.


8.     Participated inRevised Basic Corse workshop in Medical Education Technology held on 20thto 22nd February 2017 at MCI Nodal Centre for faculty development atSmt. NHL Municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad.


9.     Participated inSeminar on “Biomedical Research in Gujarat: The Road Ahead” Jointly organizedby Gujarat state Biotechnology Mission (GSBTM), Department of Science andTechnology (DST), Government of Gujarat at Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad.


10. Participated in aNational Workshop on Research Methodology and Scientific Writing held atAhmedabad on 11th October 2014 


11. AttendedConference as a delegate on “XX National Conference of Association of MedicalBiochemists of India, AMBICON2012” held at Bhubaneswar on 8th to 10thDecember 2012.


12. Participated inthe conference “ACBICON 2011”, 38th National Conference ofAssociation of

Clinical Biochemists of India held on 12thto 14th November 2011 at Gwalior.


13. Coordinator inthe workshop on IQC & Method Validation held on 23rd& 24thSeptember 2011, by organized by Central Diagnostic Laboratory, Pramukh SwamiMedical College & Shree Krishna Hospital, Karamsad, Gujarat


14. Coordinator inthe workshop (In-house) on Method Validation held on 5th & 6thMarch 2011, by Dr. P.D. Sawant, organized by Central Diagnostic Laboratory,Shree Krishna Hospital, Karamsad, Gujarat.


15. Participated inCME on Quality Control in Lab Medicine held on 25th December 2010,Organized by Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital at Udaipur.


16. Participated inthe conference “AMBICON 2010”, 18th National Conference ofAssociation of Medical Biochemists of India held on 12th to 14thNovember 2010 at Hyderabad.


17. Participated inthe workshop and CME on Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Laboratoryheld on 25th& 26th September 2010, organized byCentral Diagnostic Laboratory, Shree Krishna Hospital, Karamsad, Gujarat.


18. Participated inthe Seminar on Quality Awareness held on 4th September 2010,Organized by The

Quality Council of India and Bio-Rad Laboratories,Mumbai.


19. Participated intheworkshoponMicroteachingheldon20thNovember2009,asdelegateat



20. Participatedinthe workshop onOSPEandOSCEheldon21st October 2009 asdelegateatPramukhswamimedicalcollege,Karamsad,Gujarat.


21. Participated inthe workshop on Arts and Science of counseling students held on 15thJune 2009,

organized by Medical Education Unit, PramukhswamiMedical College, Karamsad, Gujarat.


22. Completedoperational trainingfrom4thto 6thJanuary 2009 at Shree KrishnaHospital,Karamsad onFullyAutomatedBiochemistryAnalyzer(XL-300)and semi-automated four channel coagulationanalyzer (SYSMEX CA-50)


23. ParticipatedinApplication TrainingcourseforCOBASINTEGRA400plus(FullyAutomated



RocheDiagnosticsIndiaPvt. Ltd.


24. AttendedCMEon Preventionandcontrolofhospitalacquiredinfectionon16thSeptember2006organizedbyHOSPITALACQUIREDINFECTIONCONTROLCOMMITTEE,ShreeKrishna Hospital,Karamsad.


25. Participatedinthe30thAnnualconferenceofIAPM(IndianAssociationofPathologistand

Microbiologists)organizedby Gujarat Chapter on4th&5thMarch,2006 at,Ahmedabad.


26. ParticipatedinQualityManagementWorkshopfortheBloodTransfusionServiceson24th&25thSeptember2005,OrganizedbyIndianRedCrossSociety,inassociationwithGujaratStateCouncilfor BloodTransfusionatVadodara.


27. AttendedCMEinSurgicalPathology-2005heldon 19thFebruary2005,Organizedby GCRI, NewCivilHospital Campus,Ahmedabad.


28. ParticipatedinCMEon TelemedicineandTelepathologyasdelegate on07th&8thAugust2004,Organizedby Pathology Department,PramukhSwamiMedicalCollege,Karamsad.Gujarat.


29. Attended the Seminar in Oncopathologyon 14thDecember 2003,Organizedby GCRI, NewCivilHospital Campus,Ahmedabad.



Achievement Details :



Won 2ndprize in Quiz Competition in theconference “AMBICON 2010”, 18th National Conference of Associationof Medical Biochemists of India held on 12th to 14thNovember 2010 at Hyderabad


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