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Health to all sector of society
Minimal Discomfort & disability
Minimal Access Surgery as and when Required

    1. Skilly surgery with minimal waiting
    2. Emergency condition handle immediately on priority basis
    3. Quality care of all kind of general surgical problem

  • Objective
      1. Routine
      2. Emergency
      3. Trauma

    • SKILLS
      1. Paediatric and Neonatal Surgery
      2. Laparoscopic Basic and advance surgeries
      3. Endoscopy – Upper GI & Lower GI (Colonoscopy)
      4. Cystoscopy

    • INTEGRATION : With other super specialty
      1. Paediatrician
      2. Medicine
      3. Orthopedic
      4. Ob. & Gynec.


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Infrastructure & Facilities

Infrastructure & Facilities


  • OPD : Every day
    • Morning :- 9:00AM to 1:00PM
    • Evening :- 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
    • 24 hours emergency
    • Room for faculties - 4 with examination
    • Dressing Room for Male, Female
    • Demonstration Room

  • Wards :
    • Male - 90 Beds
    • Female - 60 Beds
    • Every ward has burn’s room fully equipped.

  • Facilities available in wards :
    • Doctor rooms
    • Nursing stations
    • Examination room
    • Dressing room
    • Demostration room
    • Pentry
    • Store room


  • Operation theatre :
    • Opd theate
    • Casualty OT
    • OT Complex - Doctor Room
      • Waiting room
      • Major OT
      • Minor OT
      • Recovery Room
      • Students viewing gallery/Room

  • Facilities in OT – All kind of general surgeries
    • Routine
    • Emergency
    • Trauma

    • -Laparoscopes Surgery
      • Basic
      • Advance

    • Endoscopy
      • Upper GI
      • Lower GI

    • Cystoscopy

  • Paediatric Surgery
    • Routine
    • Emergency

Staff Information

Sr No Name Designation
1 DR. Niyati. A. Lakhani Professor & Head View
2 Dr. Umesh.G.Vaishnav Associate Professor View
3 Dr. Jaydip Gadhvi Associate Professor View
4 Dr. Pranav Patel Associate Professor View
5 Dr Hitesh Khandra Associate Professor View
6 Dr Hiren Parmar Associate Professor View
7 Dr Chudasama Mrugesh Navinbhai Assistant Professor View
8 Dr. Pratik Shah Associate Professor View
9 Dr. Dax Hareshbhai Prajapati Assistant Professor View
10 DR VIKAS BHAILALBHAI MAKWANA Assistant Professor View
11 DR. NIMESH THAKKER Assistant Professor View
12 Dr Abhijit Jagvirsingh Yadav Assistant Professor View
13 Dr Dharati Patel Senior Resident View
14 Dr. Janak Patel Assistant Professor View

Staff Attendance

Sr No Staff Attendance Month Short Desc Posted Date
1 Daily Attendance Please visit the site for Attendance 01/01/2017 View
2 Staff List Staff List Surgery 02/01/2017 View

Subject Curriculum

Subject Curriculum


TEACHING PROGRAMME : (For duration of the entire course). Curriculum in the subjects of General Surgery, as prescribed by MCI (a copy of the detailed curriculum along with the departmental and educational objectives of the subject may be appended). The curriculum is prescribed by Gujarat university as per MCI guidelines.
II. Methodology (for duration of the entire course) number
1) Total duration of clinical postings 24 weeks
2) Didactic Lectures yes
3) Demonstrations of surgical instruments, surgical Procedures
4) Tutorials Daily as per unit wise postings.
5) Seminars conducted during the year. (Number of students attending each) -
6) Practicals demonstration of minor surgical Procedures like
- Ryle’s tube insertion --Venesection
- Catheterization
- ICD insertion 
- SPC insertion
- Trecheostomy 
•Demostration of surgical and patholical specimen 
•Demostration of surgical Intruments
•Demostration of Surgical Suture material and prosthesis 
•Demostration of Dressing materials and method 
•Demostration of X-ray 
1. X-ray Plain 
2. Radiological Procedure 
- Barium 
- Fistulogram 
Demostration of CT Scan & MRI
7) Duration of operation theatre postings as per unit wise postings
8) Duration of Surgical postings and the number as per unit wise posting in of cases observed by a student
9) Bedside Clinics yes
10) How many hours does a student spend daily in the wards for clerkship 2.5 hrs daily during clinical posting
11) Average number of students Posted at a time for indoor/OPD postings As per MCI Norms
12) Are they corrected? yes
13) If so, by whom? By Faculty
14) Is the clinical work done in the wards by the students assessed periodically? yes
15) If so, how often and by whom? Weekly by senior staff member
16) Total period of attendance in OPD by a a student throughout clinical training as per unit wise posting
17) Is it done concurrently with the inpatients Wards postings? senior staff member
18) Who gives them training to attend to casualties? senior staff member
19) How is the outpatient teaching organised? In OPD clinic teaching room
20) Do students attend clinico-pathological conferences? yes
21) If so, on an average how often during the whole period of Surgical Postings? as per unit wise posting
22) Any other teaching/training activities : yes, workshop
23) Is there any integrated teaching? If yes, details thereof : Yes, as per curriculum
24) Records : Methods of Assessment thereof? Case presentation History taking
(Time table of lectures, demonstrations, seminars, tutorials, practical, OPD and indoor postings etc. may be given) As per MCI Norms
25) Internship training programme NA
a) Period of posting in the department NA
b) Method of assessment of Internship (please attach a copy of log book assessment sheet). NA


  • There is internal & external (University) examination.
  • Internal Examination are 3 in no. Out of which one is preliminary exam before the university exam.
  • It is in form of theory, practical, viva-voice, bedside case & ward leaving examination, internal exam.
  • It is in form of theory, practical, viva-voice, bedside case & ward leaving examination, internal exam. Carries weight age of 20% in main (External) exam, main exam has two theory papers & practical examination assessed by set of two external & two internal examiners.
  • There is university examination consisting of four theory papers and practical examination assessed by set of two external and two internal examiners.

Monthly Teaching Schedule

Sr No Teaching Schedule Month Teaching Schedule Short Description Teaching Schedule Date
1 November-2016 Proposed Schedule of Teaching Nov,16 19/12/2016 View
2 January 2017 Achieved Teaching Learning Jan-2017 02/02/2017 View
3 November-2016 Achieved Teaching Learning Nov-2016 03/02/2017 View
4 December 2016 Achieved Teaching Learning Dec-2016 03/02/2017 View
5 January 2017 Proposed Teaching Schedule - Jan. 2017 03/02/2017 View
6 February-2017 Proposed Teaching Schedule-Feb-2017 03/02/2017 View
7 FEB-2017 Achieved Teaching Schedule FEB-2017 04/03/2017 View
8 MARCH-2017 Proposed Teaching Schedule March-2017 04/03/2017 View
9 August 2017 Achieved Teaching Schedule August-2017 11/09/2017 View
10 September 2017 Proposed Teaching Schedule September 2017 11/09/2017 View
11 Feb 2018 Achieved Teaching Schedule Feb-2018 11/04/2018 View
12 March 2018 Proposed teaching schedule March-2018 11/04/2018 View
13 March 2018 Achieved Teaching Schedule March-2018 11/04/2018 View
14 April 2018 Proposed teaching schedule April-2018 11/04/2018 View

Students Notes

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Results of Examination

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Role of Honour

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