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GOAL :The broad goal of teaching the undergraduate medical students in the field of Radio-diagnosis should be aimed at making the students realise the basic need of various radio-diagnostic tools in medical practice. They should be aware of the techniques required to be undertaken in different situations for the diagnosis of various ailments as well as during prognostic estimations. 


A) KNOWLEDGE:- The student should be able to:

  1. Understand basics of X-ray production, its uses and hazards.
  2. Appreciate and diagnose changes in bones - like fractures, infections, tumours and metabolic bone diseases.
  3. Identify and diagnose various radiological changes in disease conditions of chest and mediastinum, skeletal system, G.I. Tract, Hepatobiliary system and G.U. system.
  4. Learn about various imaging techniques, including isotopes C.T., Ultrasound, M.R.I. and D.S.A.
B) SKILLS :- At the end of the course the student should be able to: 

  1. Use basic protective techniques during various imaging procedures.
  2. Interpret common X-ray, radio-diagnostic techniques in various community situations.
  3. Advise appropriate diagnostic procedures in specialized circumstances to appropriate specialists.


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Staff Information

Sr No Name Designation
1 DR GANDHI NEELA RAMESH Professor & Head View
2 Dr. Dipen Vaidh Assistant Professor View

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Sr No Staff Attendance Month Short Desc Posted Date
1 Daily Attendance Please visit the site for Attendance 30/12/2016 View
2 Staff List Staff List 31/01/2017 View

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Monthly Teaching Schedule

Sr No Teaching Schedule Month Teaching Schedule Short Description Teaching Schedule Date
1 November 2016 Proposed Teaching Schedule Nov2016 19/12/2016 View
2 January 2017 Proposed Teaching Schedule - Jan. 2017 08/01/2017 View
3 December 2016 Achieved Teaching Learning Dec-2016 16/01/2017 View
4 November-2016 Achieved Teaching Learning Nov-2016 22/01/2017 View
5 February-2017 Proposed Teaching Schedule-Feb-2017 06/02/2017 View
6 January 2017 Achieved Teaching Learning Jan-2017 06/02/2017 View

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