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Obst Gynec

Obst Gynec


  • GOALS 

    Teaching to medical students and quality care to patients and improving MCH services.

    • Knowledge
      1. Anatomy, Physiology Pathophysiology of reproductive system.
      2. Understanding of normal pregnancy, labour and puerperium.
      3. Understanding of maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality
      4. Understanding of contraception, MTP, TL and their complications.
      5. Understanding of National Programmes of MCH and Family Welfare and its implementation.
      6. Find out common gynecological problems and its management.
      7. Full knowledge of caesarian section, laprascopy, AH, VH, MTP and other conservative surgeries.
      8. Full knowledge of drugs use in obstetrics and gynecology.

    • Skills
      1. Examine normal pregnant woman and reference to higher center when the patient is high risk.
      2. Conduct a normal vaginal delivery, find out its complications and provide a proper post natal care.
      3. Find out anomalies in new born and proper resusccitation.
      4. A couple is advised a proper contraception and assist in insertion of intra uterine device.
      5. Proper pelvic examination and diagnosis of common gynecological problems and its management and detection of early genital cancers.
      6. Make vaginal cytological smear, wet vaginal smear examination for T. vaginalis, moniliasis, and gram stain for gonorrhoea and do post coital test.
      7. Understanding of biochemical, histo-pathological, radiological, ultrasound investigation.

    • Integration 
      Student should have integration of clinical skills, disciplines, bring about coordination of family welfare programmes.


    We are excellance in medical education. We educate medical students in such a way to make them best primary and specially healthcare provider for the region and nation. We surely believe in preventive programmes of the government. We make strong academic base of the student and make them technical competent. We consistently improving MCH Services

    • OPD Department
      1. OPD services on daily basis is provided on first floor of our hospital. 
        It has daily opd of 90-100 patients. 
        In the opd there is a separate room for
        • Examination of pregnant woman 
          Examination of gynec patient 
          Ultra sonography 
      2. Post partum unit
        • It is situated on ground floor.
          It runs mamta clinic and adolescent clinic.
          It provides family planning services.

  • Obstetric Department
    • Comprehansive MCH service I sdelivered at our hospital.
    • We have indoor capacity of 25 beds, well equipped labour room, USG room, intensive care unit, general / special rooms, obstetric OT, Separate septic OT.
    • Department has annual delivery rate of 2800-3000 with approximately 20-25% ceaserian section.
    • Offices are for teaching and paramedical staff.

  • Gynec Department
    • It is established on the first floor of the hospital.
    • Family planning ward is at ground floor.
    • We have total capacity of 20 beds.
    • Department has well equiped gynec and endoscopy operation theater.
    • Department has seminar hall with and internet facility



No. Particulars Details
1 Total duration of clinical posting Yes
2 Demonstrations Surgical instrument, surgical procedures, FP procedures for ex. – Cu T insertion, TL operation
4 Tutorials Unit wise posting
5 Seminars conducted during the year Yes
6 Practicals Demonstration of speciments and minor procedures for ex. – catheterization, iv cannula, episiotomy
7 Duration of operation theater posting Unit wise posting
8 Duration of labour posting and no. of cases observed and conducted by students 20 cases
9 Bed side clinics Yes
10 How many hours does a student spent daily in word for clerkship ? 3 hrs daily during clinical posting
11 Average no. of student posted for OPD/Indoor 15 - 20
12 Do students write case histories and delivery notes in a prescribe book ? Yes, 20 case history each for antenatal cases
13 Are they corrected ? Yes
14 If so, by whom ? Assistant prof.
15 Is the clinical work done in ward by student assessed periodically ? Yes
16 If so, how often and whom ? Weekly by senior staff members
17 Total period of attendance in OPD by student throughout the clinical posting ? Unit wise posting
18 Is it done with the in patients ward posting ? Senior staff member
19 Who gives the training to attend the casualities ? Senior staff member
20 How is the out patient teaching organized ? In OPD clinic teaching room
21 Do Students attend clinico-pathological conferences ? Yes
22 If so, on an average how often during the whole period of posting ? Unit wise posting
23 Any other teaching activities ? Yes, Video cassets
24 Is there any integrated teaching ? Yes, as per curriculum
25 Records : Method of assessements (Time table for lectures, demonstrations, seminars, tutorials, practicals OPD/Indoor posting may be given) Case presentation, History taking, Antenatal and delivery cards, presence during posting
26 Internship training programme
(a) Period of posting in departmnet 2 months (Obst. & gynec, FP)
(b) Method of assessment of Internship (attach copy of logbook) As above


  • There is internal and external (University) examination.
  • Internal examination are 3 in no. out of which one is preliminary exam before the university exam.
  • It is in the form of theory, practical, viva, bedside case, ward leaving examination, internal exam.
  • It is in the form of theory, practical, viva, bedside case, ward leaving examination, internal exam carries weightage of 20% in main (external) exam. Main exam has theory papers, practical examination, assessed by set of two external and two internal examiners.
  • There is university examination consisting of four theory papers and practical exam assessed by set of two external and two internal examiners.


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Infrastructure & Facilities

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Staff Information

Sr No Name Designation
1 Dr Bipin Nayak Professor & Head View
2 Dr. Rohit Jain Associate Professor View
3 Dr Vijay ManojKumar Kansara Associate Professor View
4 Dr. Komal Modi Associate Professor View
5 Dr. Rakesh Patel Assistant Professor View
6 DR.Runoo Ghosh Assistant Professor View
7 Dr Chirag Banker Assistant Professor View
8 Dr Margi Sheth Assistant Professor View

Staff Attendance

Sr No Staff Attendance Month Short Desc Posted Date
1 Daily Attendance Please visit the site for Attendance 30/12/2016 View

Subject Curriculum

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Monthly Teaching Schedule

Sr No Teaching Schedule Month Teaching Schedule Short Description Teaching Schedule Date
1 December 2016 Achieved Teaching Learning Dec-2016 02/01/2017 View
2 Achieved Teaching Schedule-sem-6-Nov-2016 Achieved Teaching Schedule-sem-6-Nov-2016 06/01/2017 View
3 Achieved Teaching Schedule-sem-7-Nov-2016 Achieved Teaching Schedule-sem-7-Nov-2016 06/01/2017 View
4 Achieved Teaching Schedule-sem-8-Nov-2016 Achieved Teaching Schedule-sem-8-Nov-2016 06/01/2017 View
5 Achieved Teaching Schedule-sem-9-Nov-2016 Achieved Teaching Schedule-sem-9-Nov-2016 06/01/2017 View
6 January 2017 Achieved Teaching Learning Jan-2017 02/02/2017 View
7 February-2017 Proposed Teaching Schedule-Feb-2017 02/02/2017 View
8 FEB-2017 Achieved Teaching Schedule FEB-2017 04/03/2017 View
9 March-2017 Proposed Teaching Schedule-2017 19/04/2017 View
10 November 2017 Achieved Teaching Schedule November-2017 08/12/2017 View
11 December 2017 Proposed teaching schedule December-2017 08/12/2017 View

Students Notes

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Results of Examination

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Role of Honour

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Student Feedback

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