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GOAL : After the internship in the department of Anesthesiology an intern shall acquire knowledge, skill and attitude to:

  1. Perform pre-anaesthetic check up and prescribe pre-anaesthetic medications.
  2. Perform venepuncture and set up intravenous drip.
  3. Perform laryngoscopy and endotracheal intubation.
  4. Perform lumbar puncture, spinal anaesthesia and simple nerve blocks.
  5. Conduct simple general asaesthetic procedures under supervision.
  6. Conduct simple general asaesthetic procedures under supervision.
  7. Monitor patients during anaesthesia and post operative period.
  8. Recognise and manage problems associated with emergency anaesthesia.
  9. Maintain anaesthetic records.
  10. Recognise and treat complication in post operative period.
  11. Perform cardio-pulmonary brain resuscitation (C.P.B.R.) currectly, including recognition of cardiac arrest.


Preanaesthetic assessment clinic, Operation theatres, Postoperative recovery room, Intensive care Units, Pain clinic, Anaesthesia at remote location(other than operation theatre)
Preanaesthetic assessment and optimisation Of patients posted for various surgeries and for narcoanalysis
preoperative and intraoperative anaesthetic management of patients posted for various surgeries
Postoperative monitoring and acute pain management
MICU, SICU, Obstetric ICU, covid ICU
Chronic pain management by Holistic, therapeutic and interventional approach
Anaesthesia for CT scan, ECT
Peripheral calls like IV line insertion, CVP line insertion, ET intubation etc.
Advanced cardiac life support 

Infrastructure & Facilities

Preanaesthetic assessment and pain clinic OPD,Operation theatres(OTs), Postoperative recovery rooms, Anaesthesia department
Preanaesthetic assessment and pain clinic OPD
Obstetric and gynec OT,Surgery OT, ENT OT, Orthopaedic OT, Ophthalmic OT,Family panning OT, Emergency OT
10 Beddedd Postoperative recovery room with each OT
Anaesthesia department:
Offices for teaching staff
Offices for Nonteaching staff
Seminar room
Library cum reading room
Skill laboratory

Staff Information

Sr No Name Designation
1 DR. SHOBHANA GUPTA Professor & Head View
2 Dr. Bharti Rajani Associate Professor View
3 Dr. Hina Gadani Associate Professor View
4 DR. RACHANA GANDHI Associate Professor View
5 Dr.Dhara Raxit Patel Associate Professor View
6 Dr Ushma Dipakbhai Shah Assistant Professor View
7 Dr. Shital Halvadiya Assistant Professor View
8 DR. VIRAL PRAKASHKUMAR PATEL Assistant Professor View
9 DR . DAXA HIREN OZA Assistant Professor View
10 DR. RICHA GUPTA Assistant Professor View
11 DR. VISHWA SHAH Assistant Professor View
12 Dr. Chiranjeev Vaghela Tutor View
13 Dr. Nital Panchal Tutor View
14 Dr. Hiral Chauhan Tutor View
15 Dr. Vishal Govindbhai Vagadiya Tutor View

Staff Attendance

Sr No Staff Attendance Month Short Desc Posted Date
1 Staff List Staff List 21/12/2016 View
2 Daily Attendance Please visit the site for Attendance 30/12/2016 View

Subject Curriculum

Anaesthesia Postgraduate Syllabus
1. Relevant anatomy, physiology, pharmacology of each system.
2. Principles of physics and use of equipments.
3. Technical skills in Anaesthesia related to all regional and general anaesthesia procedures.
4. Diffcult airway management.
5. Monitoring in Anaesthesia.
6. Preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative  Anaesthesia managment of all surgeries in all age groups.
7. Critical care patient management.
8. Anaesthesia management of procedures outside operation room.
9. Anaesthesia management for trauma and emergencies.
10. Triage in case of mass casualty.
11. BLS and ACLS training in adult and paediatric.
12. Documentation 
13. Communication skills with patients, colleagues and seniors.
14. Medical Statistics

Monthly Teaching Schedule

Sr No Teaching Schedule Month Teaching Schedule Short Description Teaching Schedule Date
1 November-2016 Proposed Schedule of Teaching Nov,16 19/12/2016 View
2 Proposed Teaching Schedule - Jan. 2017 Proposed Time Table for January 2017 05/01/2017 View
3 December-2016 Achieved Teaching Schedule Dec-2016 09/01/2017 View
4 MARCH-2017 Proposed Teaching Schedule March-2017 17/03/2021 View
5 August 2017 Achieved Teaching Schedule August-2017 08/09/2017 View
6 September 2017 Proposed Teaching Schedule September 2017 08/09/2017 View
7 January - December 22/02/2022 View

Students Notes

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Results of Examination

Sr No Exam Result Month Exam Result Short desc Exam Result Date
1 January-December Internal exam result sheets of postgraduate students 23/02/2022 View/Download

Role of Honour

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Sr No Publication Title Publication Short Desc Posted Date
1 Total publications Total publications of all faculties 23/02/2022 Download


1. Successfully handled covid crisis during first and second waves .
2. Awarded as covid warriors by state corporation.
3. Excellence award for reviewer for national and international journals.
4. chairperson and moderator in national conference.
5. Poster and paper presentation in national conference .
6. successfully handling anesthesia for national government schemes for Tubal Ligation, Cochlear Implant and Cataract Surgeries ..


Sr No Events Year Events List
1 2022 1. Ventilator and covid management training to all medical and paramedical staff.
2. Ventilator and covid management training to medical officers and nursing staff of gandhinagar and mehsana district.
3. Basic Life Support training to medical students every 6 months.
4. World Anaesthsia Day celebration on 16th october every year.
5. Basic Life Support awareness and role of anaesthesiologists to public.
6. CME : 
    * Peripheral nerve blocks training on cadavers.
    * Difficult airway management
    * Supraglottic devices for airway management
    * Ventilator demonstration for the modes used for ICU management of covid 19.
    * IV fluids and Colloids in anaesthesia practise.
    * Blood and Blood products in anaesthesia practise.

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