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T.B And Resperatory Medicine

About Department

GOAL : A student after training must be able to : -

  1. Conducting proper clinical examination, elicit and interpret clinical findings and diagnose common respiratory disorders and emergencies.
  2. Perform simple, routine investigative procedures required for making bed side diagnosis, specially sputum collection, examination for etiological organism like AFB, interpretation of chest X-rays and respiratory function tests.
  3. Interpret and manage various blood gases and pH abnormalities in various respiratory diseases.
  4. Manage common diseases recognizing need for referral for specialized care in case of inappropriateness of therapeutic response.
  5. Perform common procedures like laryngoscopy, pleural aspiration, respiratory physiotherapy, laryngeal intubation and pneumo-thoracic drainage aspiration.

Staff Information

1 Dr. R. M. ThakkerProfessor & Head View
Name : Dr. R. M. Thakker
Mobile : +919824019641
Email ID :
Blood Group : A+
Designation : Professor & Head
Department : TBAndRaspiratoryMedicine
Qualification : M.B.,B.S, M.D.[TB & Chest], F.C.C.P
UG : G-14435
PG : G-3968
Date Of Joining This College : 16/10/2012
Teaching Expereince (Total) : 17 Years 7 Months
Extra Details 1 :
Extra Details 2 :
Publication Details:
1. Spontaneous pneumothorax – a clinical study of 100 cases [Accepted for Publication]
2. A study of epidemiology and clinical profile of tuberculosis in patients living with HIV-AIDS [Int J Med Sci Public Health. 2014; 3(12): 1519-1522]
3. Psychosocial reaction of diagnosing tuberculosis – An experience of tertiary care center of rural Gujarat [Int J Med Sci Public Health. 2014; 3(12): 1498-1500]
4. Subjective assessment of dyspnoea in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and its relation with associated depression [Int J Med Sci Public Health. 2014; 3(11): 1347-1350]
5. Chronic cor-pulmonale: the experience of a tertiary care teaching hospital in Gujarat [Int J Med Sci Public Health. 2014; 3(9): 1169-1172]
6. Efficacy of 4 drug fixed dose combination in sputum positive Indian patients with pulmonary Tuberculosis. Published in Indian Medical Gazette in October 2004

Attended Conferences / Workshops etc. :
1. Neuro- AIDS workshop on Anti Retro Viral Therapy, attended 4-5 Dec. 2004 at A’bad.
2. Respiratory update on 2nd May 2010, attended. 
3. Undergone National level PMDT training organized by central TB Division GOI, New Delhi 3-7 Dec. 2012 at STDC Ahmedabad.
1. National Conference on Pulmonary Diseases at Coimbatore 12-16 Nov. 2003 attended
2. National Conference on Pulmonary Diseases at Ahmedabad 16-21 Nov. 2004 attended and chaired a session and chairman of satellite symposium.
3. National Conference on Pulmonary Diseases at Nagpur, 1-5 Nov. 2006 chaired a session and presented a paper.
4. National Conference on Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases at New Delhi 23-25 Feb. 2007 attended.
5. ICAAICON 2010. 22-24 Oct. at Gitanjali Medical College, Udaipur attended and chaired a session on M Sundaram award.
6. International Conference on Evidence based Edu. System (EBES) 28-29 Mar. 2011 at Piperiya, Dist. Vadodara attended.
7. National Conference on Pulmonary Diseases at New Delhi 27-30 Nov. 2011 attended.

Affliliation to
1. Life Member of Indian Medical Association.
2. Fellow of National College of Chest Physicians.
3. Life Member of Indian Chest Society
4. Life Member of Aids Society Of India.
5. Life Member of Indian College of Allergy, Asthma and Applied Immunology.
6. Life Member of Tuberculosis Association of India.
7. Life Member of Indian Public Health Association.
8. Life Member of Association of  Chest Physicians of Gujarat.

Achievements :
Teaching Experience :
No Teaching Experience Found
2 Dr. Gunjan P. UpadhyayAssistant Professor View
Name : Dr. Gunjan P. Upadhyay
Mobile : 9979539701
Email ID :
Blood Group : Opositive
Designation : Assistant Professor
Department : TBAndRaspiratoryMedicine
Qualification : M.B.B.S., M.D. (TB and chest)
UG : G-42395
PG : G-18809
Date Of Joining This College : 11/02/2013
Teaching Expereince (Total) : 3Y
Extra Details 1 :
Extra Details 2 :
Publication Details:
  2. CHRONIC COR-PULMONALE: THE EXPERIENCE OF A TERTIARY CARE TEACHING HOSPITAL IN GUJARAT (published in international journal of medical science and public health)

Attended Conferences / Workshops etc. :
  1. NAPCON 2010
  2. ASHRAICON 2011
  3. ERS 2012
  5. BRONCHOCON 2013
  6. ASHRAICON 2014

Achievements :
  1. Expert in performing pulmonary function testing.
  2. Expert in performing bronchoscopy and basic bronchoscopic procedures.
  3. Expert in performing Chest procedures like Intercostal drain placement, pleural tapping, pleurodesis 
Teaching Experience :
No Teaching Experience Found

Staff Attendance

Sr NoStaff Attendance MonthShort DescPosted DateView
1 Staff ListStaff List21/12/2016 04:09:00 View
2 Daily AttendancePlease visit the site for Attendance30/12/2016 04:07:00 View

Infrastructure & Facilities

Subject Curriculum

Monthly Teaching Schedule

Sr NoTeaching Schedule MonthShort DescPosted DateView
1 November-2016Proposed Schedule of Teaching Nov,1619/12/2016 22:06:00 View
2 December 2016Achieved Teaching Learning Dec-201608/01/2017 21:30:00 View
3 January 2017Proposed Teaching Schedule for January 201708/01/2017 21:31:00 View
4 January 2017Achieved Teaching Learning Jan-201707/02/2017 21:32:00 View
5 February-2017Proposed Teaching Schedule-Feb-201707/02/2017 21:33:00 View
6 FEB-2017Achieved Teaching Schedule FEB-201704/03/2017 05:59:00 View
7 MARCH-2017Proposed Teaching Schedule March-201704/03/2017 06:00:00 View
8 August 2017Achieved Teaching Schedule August-201705/09/2017 23:36:00 View
9 September 2017Proposed Teaching Schedule September 201705/09/2017 23:37:00 View

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