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About Department

Golas :-

The broad goal of the teaching of students in ophthalmology is to provide such knowledge and skills to the students that shall enable him to practice as a clinical and as a primary eye care physician and also to function effectively as a community health leader to assist in the implementation of National Programme for the prevention of blindness and rehabilitation of the visually


Knowledges :

At the end of the course, the student should have knowledge of:

  1. Common problems affecting the eye
  2. Principles of management of major ophthalmic emergencies
  3. Main systemic diseases affecting the eye
  4. Effects of local and systemic diseases on patient’s vision and the necessary action required to minimise the sequalae of such diseases;
  5. Adverse drug reactions with special reference to ophthalmic manifestations;
  6. Magnitude of blindness in India and its main causes;
  7. National programme of control of blindness and its implementation at various levels
  8. Eye care education for prevention of eye problems
  9. Role of primary health centre in organization of eye camps
  10. Organization of primary health care and the functioning of the ophthalmic assistant.
  11. Integration of the national programme for control of blindness with the other national health programmes;
  12. 12.Eye bank organization


At the end of the course, the student should be able to:

  1. Elicit a history pertinent to general health and ocular status;
  2. Assist in diagnostic procedures such as visual acuity testing, examination of eye, Schiotz tonometry, Staining for Corneal pathology, confrontation perimetry, Subjective refraction including correction of presbyopia and aphakia, direct ophthalmoscopy and conjunctival smear examination and Cover test.
  3. Diagnose and treat common problems affecting the eye;
  4. Interpret ophthalmic signs in relation to common systemic disorders;
  5. Assist/observe therapeutic procedures such as subconjunctival injection, Corneal/Conjunctival foreign body removal, Carbolic cautery for corneal ulcers, Nasolacrimal duct syringing and tarsorraphy;
  6. Provide first aid in major ophthalmic emergencies;
  7. Assist to organize community surveys for visual check up;
  8. Assist to organize community surveys for visual check up;
  9. Use effective means of communication with the public and individual to motivate for surgery in cataract and for eye donation;
  10. Establish rapport with his seniors, colleagues and paramedical workers, so as to effectively function as a member of the eye care team.



Sr.No. Details of Room
1 OPD room 1
2 Mydriasis room
3 Waiting room
4 Ward- M(Gr.Fl.)
5 Ward-F(Gr.Fl.)
6 S/L/E Room
7 Fundoscopy
8 Refraction room-1
10 Clinic room
14 HOD's Chamber
16 Assistant Prof.
19 OT-major
20 OT-minor
22 Sterilization room
26 Laser Room
27 Recovery room
28 Nursing Station
29 Pantry Room
30 DBCS office
31 OT incharge room
32 Ward incharge room
38 Ward-M(1st Fl.)
39 Ward-F(1st Fl.)
43 Linen room
44 Scrub room

Bed Strength

10 beds


Sr.No. Name of Equipment Quantity
1 Snellen Drums 4
2 Trial Set with Trial Frame 4
3 Ophthalmoscope 4
4 Retinoscope 4
5 Cross Cylinder 2
6 Near Vision Chart 4
7 Lensometer 2
8 Colour Vision Book 4
9 Schiotz Tonometer 2
10 Slit Lamp 2
11 Examination Table 1
12 Autorefractometer 1
13 Indirect Ophthalmoscope 2
14 Applanation Tonemeter 1
16 Chair Unit 3
17 Non contact tonometer 1


Sr.No. Name of Equipment Quantity
2 Suture Removal Set 1
3 Foreign Body Removal Set 1
4 Chalazion Surgery Set 1
5 Syringing Probing Set 1
6 Corneal Scrapping and Cautery Set 1
7 Instruments for Simple Surgical Repair of the Lid 1


Sr.No. Name of Equipment Quantity
1 Operating Table 5
3 Cataract Set 10
4 Glaucoma Set 4
7 Enucleation and Evisceration Set 2
12 Operative Microscope 4


High speed steam sterilizer 1
Fogger machine 2
Flash autoclave 3
Sterigen (Water sterilization system) 1


Sr.No Name of Equipment Quantity
1 Synoptophore 1
2 Prism Bar 1
3 Maddox Rod 1
4 Maddox Wing 1
5 Simple Dissecting Microscope 1
9 Placido`s Disc 1
10 Ultrasound A and B Scan 2
11 Yag Laser 2
12 Phaco Unit 5
14 Fundus Camera with Digital Imaging 2
15 Automated Perimeter 1
16 Double Frequency Yag Laser(Green) 2
20 Chair Unit 3

Staff Information

1 Dr. Rekhaben BharvadaProfessor & Head View
Name : Dr. Rekhaben Bharvada
Mobile : 9825078552
Email ID :
Blood Group :
Designation : Professor & Head
Department : Ophthalmology
Qualification : M.B.B.S , M.S (Ophthalmology)
UG : G-6564
PG : G-16112
Date Of Joining This College : 14/12/2013
Teaching Expereince (Total) : 36 Years
Extra Details 1 :
Extra Details 2 :
Publication Details:
  1. All India Journal
Attended Conferences / Workshops etc. :
  1. All Gujarat ophthalmological conference
  2. All India Ophthalmological conference, workshops
Achievements :
  1. Awarded for Best Teacher by National Board of Examination
Teaching Experience :
No Teaching Experience Found
2 Dr. Hitesh VyasAssociate Professor View
Name : Dr. Hitesh Vyas
Mobile : 9727085515
Email ID :
Blood Group : A+ve
Designation : Associate Professor
Department : Ophthalmology
Qualification : M.B.B. S, M.S (Ophthalmology)
UG : G 11099
PG : G 2316
Date Of Joining This College : 12/12/2013
Teaching Expereince (Total) : 14 Years
Extra Details 1 :
Extra Details 2 :
Publication Details:
1.Searching for Medical Literature on Internet - Evaluation of Knowledge among Faculty Members (Original Article)( Journal of Education Technology in Health Sciences.(Innovative Publications.)(Index Copernicus and others..) JETHS-Volume 2 Issue-III September-December 2015(Page-94-98)
2. Smartphone Ophthalmic Surgery recording for e-records and education( (Original Article) Journal of Education Technology in Health Sciences.(Innovative Publications.)(Index Copernicus and others..) Volume 3 Issue 1 January-April 2016(Page-13-15)
Attended Conferences / Workshops etc. :
  1. All India Ophthalmic conference ,1995,2005,2011
  2. Basic MET taken in February,2014 ‘Revised  Basic Met'
Achievements : Medical Education Coordinator at GMERS Medical College, Gandhinagar since February,2014 . Organized successfully 'Basic MET' at this institute in April,2014, where 26-faculty-members were trained.
Organised CME on 'Telemedicine'. 
Worked in Agakhan University, Daresalam, Tanzania from 2006-08 where contributed extensively for 'Telemedicine' development. 
Hospital Management Diploma from Ministry of Health and Family WelfareGovernment of India, New Delhi,  in 2005
completed ‘Advance-Met’(FIME)
UG & PG Examiner
Teaching Experience :
No Teaching Experience Found
3 Dr. Shilpa BhattAssistant Professor View
Name : Dr. Shilpa Bhatt
Mobile : 9099952568
Email ID :
Blood Group : O+ve
Designation : Assistant Professor
Department : Ophthalmology
Qualification : MBBS, M.S
UG : G-19658
PG : G-6140
Date Of Joining This College : 10/12/2010
Teaching Expereince (Total) : 12 Years
Extra Details 1 :
Extra Details 2 :
Publication Details:

  1. A Paper presented on Prevalence of Daibetic Retinopathy in GOS
  2. Presented a paper on increased awarness of female undergoing   Cataract Surgery in colcutta  conferance.
  3. Role of Asha workers in screening for low vision at grass route level 
  4. Increased awareness in female for cataract surgery in Gandhinagar district
  5. National Program for control of blindness in district Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Attended Conferences / Workshops etc. :
  1. All Gujarat ophthalmological conference.
  2. All India  Ophthalmological conference, workshops 
Achievements :

  1. Cataract Surgery target  achievement more than 100% since last 10 years
  2. Stood first to third position since last 10 years in Cataract Surgery at district hospital in Gujarat
  3. More than 20,000 cataract surgery performed
  4. Awarded  by Gov. of Gujarat for  best performance  under NPCB 

Teaching Experience :
No Teaching Experience Found

Staff Attendance

Sr NoStaff Attendance MonthShort DescPosted DateView
1 Staff ListStaff List17/01/2017 22:21:00 View
2 Daily AttendancePlease visit the site for Attendance30/12/2016 03:56:00 View

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Subject Curriculum

Monthly Teaching Schedule

Sr NoTeaching Schedule MonthShort DescPosted DateView
1 November-2016Proposed Schedule of Teaching Nov,1619/12/2016 21:57:00 View
2 December 2016Achieved Teaching Learning Dec-201608/01/2017 21:43:00 View
3 January 2017Proposed Teaching Schedule - Jan. 201708/01/2017 21:44:00 View
4 FEB-2017Achieved Teaching Schedule FEB-201704/03/2017 03:18:00 View

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